Feedback Help

Feedback Basics
Feedback is a helpful tool in figuring out the selling or buying reputation of a particular user. Giving positive feedback is encouraged when you are satisfied with the deal you have made. If you wish to give negative feedback to another user please try to resolve the issue by communicating with the other person. A lot of times the reason a deal is not successful is do to lack of good communication. If you have already tried this then please leave your review about the user. Please use judgement in the words you use as other people will be most likely be reading these comments as well.

How should I analyze a users's Feedback?
The Feedback system is based on the number of Postive, Neutral and Negative comments. A user with many Positive comments should reflect that a lot of other customers had good experiences in their dealings with them. A user with many negative comments indicates that a lot of customers were not satisfied with their transactions. This is the part where you have to use your own judgement when deciding the credibility of the user.

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