Aquino - What is the inspiration for your collection this year?

Castro -We're going back into what is feminine in a woman. In the decade of the 90's everything was simple and very black. That's why I produced lots of colors in this collection, because we are returning to what is feminine. I always add some black dresses that are needed for travel or for a cocktail party, and I had fun adding colorful stockings and the shoes by Carlos Molina... so we added more colorful fabrics and opulence in the mixing of fabrics with embroideries and oriental ornaments which fascinate me... in reality there is no inspiration per se, what inspires me is the fabrics.

Aquino - Tell me a little bit about the fabrics.

Castro -  Well I always like to mix fabrics... a chiffon pant with a tafetta jacket... also a chiffon pant that you can wear with something else, with a chiffon blouse or anything else you may have in your wardrobe. In other words my pieces are interchangeable. You can wear it with my designs or  with other pieces you may have in your wardrobe.

Aquino - Some of the models were wearing accessories. Are they your work?

Castro - No, they are by another designer, Lita Rubio, who has some spectacular jewelry. I went to see her collection and it was exactly what I wanted for my Fall collection, because I believe it goes well with my pieces.

Aquino - It matches your collection.

Castro - Exactly. Accessories are popular now, especially neck accessories

Aquino - The shoes by Carlos Molina were fun.

Castro - Very much fun... It was a perfect match... I'm very happy with this collection.

Aquino - You also had the traditional wedding gown at the end.

Castro - Yes, in my store I have the pret-a-porter, haute couture and the brides and haute couture tailored to size also.

Aquino -  Where is your store?

Castro - In Miami, but I also sell to Neiman Marcus and stores in New York and Bal Harbor.

Aquino - Well, this is the second time you are exhibiting as part of the Fashion of the Americas.

Castro - Yes.

Aquino - Did you get good results the first year you exhibited here?

Castro - I believe it was successful. The press is very important at these shows and there was good coverage last year. I think it has created an awareness not only in Miami but in New York and L.A. that are the fashion centers in the USA.

Aquino - The message is getting around.

Castro - Yes, the message is getting around and it is very important.

Aquino -  Your relationship with other designers... I see that here the designers participate as an audience, there is a fraternity or camraderie among the designers.

Castro - Well, we did the show in Ecuador and last year here in Miami... and since we see each other once a year it has been fun... we get to know each other, we embrace because we spend so many days together with the other designers and the models and this and that.

Aquino - What future projects do you have in the works?

Castro - Well, I'm very happy with my new store which is doing very well and next I will probably will be exhibiting in the New York shows.

Aquino -  Fabulous. For what type of woman do you design?

Castro - For a woman who likes fashion and having fun with fashion.

Aquino - I believe with that comment we can close this interview. Thank you very much!

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