BOBBI BROWN recently launched her new line, "ColorOptions", which is just that-- a burst of unexpected color; an invitation to play; and to experiment with shades and textures. Britta Fehrmann had the opportunity to ask America´s most popular makeup artist about her new line.

This new line from BOBBI BROWN is on counters now across the United States.

Britta:When did the idea for ColorOptions first cross your mind? How long did it take to develop the line?

BOBBI: ColorOptions happened quickly in less than a year. I definitely was seeing a return to color in my own life. I would wear my usual black or blue clothes, but would add a colorful accessory, a scarf, bracelets, or shoes. I was also seeing color creeping other people´s lives too. One day I decided to be playful again and have fun with color, but wearable color.
Britta: How did the idea of ColorOptions originate? I remember you telling me some time ago that you will never have blue eye shadow in your line, what made you change your mind?

BOBBI: ColorOptions comes from my love of art, art supplies and my work backstage at the New York Fashion Shows. It also comes from my special kit that I call my fun box--I use it at fashion shows and photo shoots to create new and unusual colors and textures. For me, ColorOptions is about having fun with makeup and embracing color; I believe in colors that make a woman look pretty and feel good about herself.

Britta: With BOBBI BROWN essentials being fashion-oriented, yet color wise most often described as a "subdued" line, how can ColorOptions and BOBBI BROWN essentials coexist?

BOBBI: ColorOptions and essentials are the perfect compliment for one another--think of essentials as the classics, a woman still needs the basics like a yellow-based foundation, powder, and concealer. And, ColorOptions as the accessories, something unexpected and fun added to her makeup routine.

Britta: Do you think ColorOptions will have "side effects" on the essentials line? To what extent? Are new things planned for essentials as well or do you plan to keep them separate?

BOBBI: ColorOptions is the sister line to essentials: they will always remain separate, but work together to create modern and pretty looks. Each season, there will be new products for both ColorOptions and essentials but the essentials products will remain in the line. ColorOptions will change each season based on the looks I create at the fashion shows.

Britta: ColorOptions was launched in the US last week, what are some of the reactions you have received so far?

BOBBI: The U.S. ColorOptions launch has been a great success. The Tangerine and Baby Pink Lip Lacquers are among the best selling products and the Sparkledust is also a star! The Artstick is also a hit with Clay being the most popular color.

Britta: What is your goal with ColorOptions, where do you plan to take it in the future? What colors/products are imaginable?

BOBBI: My goal was to create a palette of colors and textures that bring fun to makeup. I want ColorOptions to always be about options, that´s why the collection will change twice a year with some of the products staying and others going. All the products are imaginable in terms of texture, color, formula and packaging.
Britta: Whom do you have in mind as a clientele when designing for ColorOptions?

BOBBI: I´d have to say it´s the modern woman--she wants to have what´s new and fun. ColorOptions was designed for a woman of any age; she could be a teen just starting to experiment with makeup or someone who is going to a party and wants to be a little more daring than normal. The BOBBI:BROWN customer is really the 21st century woman.

Britta: Is ColorOptions a line that needs much explaining as far as application techniques or can anyone just grab a product and apply it?

BOBBI: I specially designed ColorOptions without rules or boundaries. I want women to have the freedom to experiment with the colors and textures. The easy-to-wear shades can be worn sheer or layered to create different looks or can be added to the eyes, lips, and cheeks for an instant pop of color.

Britta: What kind of looks are possible, what kind of makeup looks do you recommend with ColorOptions?

BOBBI: My philosophy is about making a woman look and feel pretty and to use colors that are right for her. ColorOptions reflects this same idea, in that women of all skin tones can wear any color in the line as long as it makes her look and feel beautiful. Color is very personal; some women love color and wear a lot of it while others like to experiment and just add a hint to their makeup routine.

Britta: With your new love for flashy and vivid colors, is there a shade color for makeup where you would draw the line; where you would say I cannot see anyone wearing this?

BOBBI: Black nail polish - I can´t see black fingernails or toenails ever being pretty. I love deep, dark shades of nail polishes, but never black.

Britta: Will there be seasonal looks with ColorOptions?

BOBBI: Yes, each season will include looks that incorporate both ColorOptions and essentials. They work perfectly together to express a woman´s style and add a little something special to her beauty routine. But, ColorOptions will never be about "one look" - it is a collection of shades and textures that a woman can interpret any way she wants.

Britta: How much of your time do you plan to devote to ColorOptions?

BOBBI: Right now, I am spending fifty percent of my time creating the line because its new and we are working on the next season´s collection.

Britta: What is the coming trend for Fall 2000, both for ColorOptions and essentials?

BOBBI: Fall is all about textures and formulas that are rich and colorful. Eyes will be made the focus on a woman´s face and we will see a return to black eyeliner. Rich, luxurious shades such as Crimson will take the front beauty page for lips and cheeks. This season, ColorOptions and essentials are all about sexy, glamorous faces featuring shimmering eyes and cheeks and rich, sultry lips.

Britta: Who are your favorite designers that spark your creativity?

BOBBI: I am inspired by many designers who include Catherine Malandrino, Bill Blass, Heidi Weisel, and Pamela Dennis.

Britta: What do you consider to be current fashion faux pas?

BOBBI: When using color, it's important to focus on one feature, you can make your eyes strong or your lips. Makeup overload is passé.

Britta: Being a business-person, mom, and wife, what does BOBBI BROWN do for her sanity, to just pamper yourself or just keep your individuality?

BOBBI: I love to exercise--it's a great way to lift your mood and boost your energy. I also enjoy going for a massage-I find it essential for the mind and spirit.

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