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Bidding on and buying items online can be a rewarding experience. As an online consumer you will wish to conduct yourself as you would in making a purchase anywhere. Here is some information which will help you through the process.

Warning about Auction Fraud

Items listed on auction sites are most often posted by individuals, and sometimes small companies. While we try and regulate our site and remove objectionable material or listings, we cannot be responsible for regulating or verifying every item for sale. You need to be aware of the potential for misleading statements or fraud of a listed item, or the possibility of purchasing an illegal product.

You can minimize your risk by e-mailing the seller with specific questions related to the item and checking out the seller's feedback report compiled by other individuals who have purchased from this person/company.

Also, consider using safe, easy-to-use escrow services at the end of auction. Escrow services, such as iescrow, provide security by keeping custody of your funds and releasing them to the seller only when specified conditions are met. There is a small fee that you might consider splitting the cost with the seller.

Buyers should report suspected fraud to law enforcement agencies. Click here to fill out Internet Fraud Watch online complaint form. You can file complaints about sellers from any auction site. They will forward it to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Often investigations are triggered by patterns of complaints against the same individual seller, so it's worthwhile for buyers to let law enforcement agencies know about problems.

User Agreement

Please read our User Agreement which outlines the site policies and terms of use.

Bidding on Items

You should Register before you start bidding on items. The bidding process that can be broken down into steps:
  1. Click on the item you are interested in from within a Category or in the Featured auction list.
  2. Scroll past the item description to the Bidding section.
  3. Enter your User ID, Password, Quantity and Your Bid.
  4. Click the Review Bid button and if everything is OK then submit your bid.

Account Information

You can check mySILK which allows you to do the following:
  • View and edit your personal info.
  • View your buying history.
  • See your user feedback.
  • Use the SILKwatch feature.

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